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The Amazon Files, hosted by Kristin Ostrander, Amazon business strategist and one of the founders of Mommy Income, hits the airwaves every Tuesday with the real truth about selling on Amazon. This show isn’t about sugar-coated reality. It’s real truth - the good, the bad and the ugly - shared with practical action steps and strategies to help both new and experienced sellers tackle the world’s largest retail sales platform.

Apr 24, 2023

Entrepreneurship is tough. Working alone as the boss can be difficult and lonely. Who do you share ideas with? Who holds you accountable? Today we are going to learn strategies to help us lead ourselves to greatness and where to find quality personal development when we need it the most.

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Apr 17, 2023

Ever wonder whether you should start selling on Walmart now that you've got Amazon figured out? Today my guest expert is Carrie Miller from Helium10 and she is going to discuss a few of the differences between Amazon and Walmart third party selling and why NOW is the best time to add Walmart as a sales channel!


Apr 10, 2023

You've heard it takes money to make money.  I agree with that 100% if you are a startup.  Once you are an established business owner there are many ways to grow your business without investing more money.  Money helps but I'm going to challenge you to use something else that will help you grow. 

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Apr 3, 2023

It's no secret that Amazon is the largest global ecommerce platform but the numbers might shock you. Lean in to see why Amazon is still the best place for ecommerce.

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