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The Amazon Files, hosted by Kristin Ostrander, Amazon business strategist and one of the founders of Mommy Income, hits the airwaves every Tuesday with the real truth about selling on Amazon. This show isn’t about sugar-coated reality. It’s real truth - the good, the bad and the ugly - shared with practical action steps and strategies to help both new and experienced sellers tackle the world’s largest retail sales platform.

Dec 7, 2020

Analysis paralysis is real. It can hinder everyone, from beginners about to take their first step to veterans expanding their Amazon businesses. Even during our first Virtual Wholesale Bundlers Workshop, we noticed a common problem: that we tend to overthink every little thing. And while many of us know that overthinking isn’t quite productive, many of us aren’t even aware of our habit to dwell on what could go wrong. Being aware of our tendency to overthink is one of the most challenging parts about it - and one we must do to break into our success.

In this episode, I reveal the tell-tale signs of overthinking and what you can do to overcome your habit of ruminating on a problem and come up with creative solutions instead. I explain what “ANTs” are and share concrete steps you can take to retrain your brain to move from negative thought patterns to a neutral thinking mode. I highlight the value of seeking help and venting out your problems, not to gripe, but to gain perspective and move past your worries. I also underscore the importance of moving out of your comfort zone and understanding the world for what it truly is.


“The number one antidote to overthinking, worrying, and fear is taking action. No matter how small it is, take action.” - Kristin Ostrander


This week on the Amazon Files:

  • The signs of overthinking and how it doesn’t add quality to our lives
  • Why it’s easier to overthink difficult decisions
  • Overthinking about the “what-ifs” and things you have no control over
  • Mental strength exercises to retrain your brain to think more productively
  • What Automatic Negative Thoughts are and how to manage them
  • Acknowledging previous successes in business and life and the power of handwriting memos to yourself
  • The difficulty of owning our strengths and the things we are good at
  • The power of staying present in the moment and scheduling your worries
  • The importance of trusting facts, not feelings, and evaluating the worst-case scenario
  • The value of approaching coaches, mentors, and therapists
  • “Punch buggies” versus “slug bugs” and why perspective is king


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