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The Amazon Files, hosted by Kristin Ostrander, Amazon business strategist and one of the founders of Mommy Income, hits the airwaves every Tuesday with the real truth about selling on Amazon. This show isn’t about sugar-coated reality. It’s real truth - the good, the bad and the ugly - shared with practical action steps and strategies to help both new and experienced sellers tackle the world’s largest retail sales platform.

Oct 1, 2018

Jessica Larrew is the owner of The Selling Family, an online community dedicated to helping online sellers build, scale, and grow their Amazon business. She has been featured in multiple online and print publications including the Penny Hoarder, Money Under 30, Money Saving Mom, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn, and Biz Chix Women Entrepreneurs. Since 2011, she has worked as an Amazon FBA seller, successfully scaling her business beyond 6-figures. In 2012, she launched The Selling Family along with her husband to share her knowledge and wisdom and help others turn their dreams into a reality. 


Jessica joins us today to share how she got started in retail arbitrage on Amazon and why she and her husband decided to continue the RA business model despite the hype around wholesale and private label. She shares her favorite and least favorite aspects of running a retail arbitrage business on Amazon during the Q4 season and her strategy for sourcing and shipping products during Q4. She also explains the importance of planning your shopping trips early before heading out the door to begin sourcing and shopping for Q4 inventory, and how delegating and outsourcing has helped her scale her business during one of the busiest times of the year. 



“In Q4, the caps come off. As much as you can spend, you can make. Things are never going to sell faster than they do in Q4.” - Jessica Larrew 




This week on the Amazon Files: 


  • How Jessica got started in retail arbitrage. 
  • Why her husband decided to work with her in her retail arbitrage business. 
  • Challenges of working with your spouse - and how they overcame them. 
  • Why they stuck with RA for many years - despite the hype of Private Label and Wholesale. 
  • Her favorite - and least favorite - thing about the Q4 season. 
  • How much time she spends sourcing inventory for the Q4 season. 
  • Her source and ship strategy during Q4. 
  • How delegating and outsourcing helps her balance her time and make more money during the Q4 season. 
  • The importance of planning your shopping trips ahead. 
  • The Q4 coaching community and BOLO Mart program. 







Connect with Jessica Larrew: 





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