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The Amazon Files, hosted by Kristin Ostrander, Amazon business strategist and one of the founders of Mommy Income, hits the airwaves every Tuesday with the real truth about selling on Amazon. This show isn’t about sugar-coated reality. It’s real truth - the good, the bad and the ugly - shared with practical action steps and strategies to help both new and experienced sellers tackle the world’s largest retail sales platform.

May 7, 2018

While the Internet is a great place to search for doors of opportunity for your Amazon business, nothing beats the possibilities that attending live trade show events offer. Many times, the casual conversations and the personal touch make and seal the deal. Going to these trade shows prepared and expectant will take you to places as you significantly reduce the overwhelm of what awaits you in these events.

In this episode, we’re breaking down why attending trade shows is the right decision for your business. We’re sharing how going to trade shows will benefit you and your Amazon business as well as the significant factors to consider when you’re thinking of purchasing a ticket. We’re also discussing how to plan for your trade show visit as you prepare the logistics, your finances, and yourself for the numerous catalogs, vendors, and opportunities that you will experience in these shows.


“One of the biggest and one of the most important benefits of going to trade shows is the relationships that you get to build with vendors.” - Amy Feierman


This week on The Amazon Files:

  • Why going to a live event is always a great experience
  • The advantage of having personal touchpoints
  • How to negotiate exclusives with vendors
  • The benefits of having a script for phone and personal conversations
  • What is trade show stalking
  • Why you need to bring your credentials when going to a trade show
  • The most important part of attending a trade show
  • The relevance of having a specific budget in mind
  • How to research on a product you recently seen at the trade show
  • How to track your trade show journey
  • How to use your Amazon App
  • How to know your niche


Benefits of Going to Trade Shows:

  • Build relationships with vendors and representatives
  • Negotiate exclusives
  • Touch and feel the products and catalogs.
  • Think outside your comfort zone and consider products or niches you haven’t thought about
  • Experience show specials and possible discounts


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